Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Out of my pocket and out of my mind.

NOTE: This is old.

There's a time I can't compare
Looking for a savior and I saw you standing there
Slept through winter, slept through fall
You wept through spring and summer as you waited for the call

Know that I am by your side
and every time you're petrified,
I'm holding you behind my eyes
where an angel's wings and the song she sings are eulogies for every love that dies

Left my drinking days behind me
Took an empty bed for them to find me
I fill the glass just as I would
and dilute my sin with all the gin and try to get you underneath my blood

There are daisies on the ledge
like roses, but without the edge
and the tulips, lilacs, and orchids died
so all that's there is wear and tear and you'd be advised to keep your loves inside

I may curse and sometimes drink
but in my wildest dreams I'd never think
that in times when things have gotten rough
my love would not have been enough

and I thought that you would somehow know
of a quiet place where we could go
to escape the lies and loves and other stuff
that made me into less than enough.

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