Thursday, March 26, 2009

An oldie, but a goodie:

Back in 2007, Prince, my favorite musician (and the subject of my upcoming "More Than Meets the [Unpronounceable Symbol]: Prince's Catalog as Serialized Narrative"!), performed to near-universal critical acclaim at the Super Bowl Half-Time show. The following is a picture from Prince's performance of his classic "Purple Rain":

That year, the FCC received numerous complaints from rednecks and morons (or possibly postmodern performance artists) nationwide about Prince's set. The Smoking Gun, God bless them, put a number of the most entertaining complaint letters up on their site. Click here for some brilliance.

My favorite are the first two, but there are quite a few nuggets of genius on there for your enjoyment.


Citizen Andy said...

Your picture link done broke.

Who's the moron/redneck now, eh?

Andy said...'s still the people who think Prince is a homosexual.

And the link: fixed.

Citizen Andy said...

Anyone who thinks Prince is homosexual has never a) listened to a Prince song, b) seen the Charlie Murphy True Hollywood Story on Chappelle's Show, c) heard Prince talk about being a Jehosaphat Witness (they frown on the man-on-man action).

Plus-- come on!!! Prince is all man.