Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What do February showers bring?

Line of sight, speed of sound
Feel of flesh the long way down
Flash of light you look around it's over
You're OK, but I'm a mess
It's the way it goes, I guess
I think I thought we would last forever

Discontent with love's refrain
Is something that I can't explain
I see now I should have seen it coming
It hit us like a hurricane
And ripped the coast with fiery rain
And I kept holding on in vain to nothing

And I wonder if you felt this way
From our first kiss to that last day
And I was but a fool of trust and pleasure
"And I'll keep your love where love won't die,"
So said the spider to the fly
But dead love is the only love you treasure

I'm lucky just to be alive
It serves me right that I survive
And live to tell the lesson that you taught me
So you know, for what it's worth
There ain't enough love on earth
To take away all the shame you brought me

What am I gonna do about this
It ain't no metamorphosis
It's the cold and bitter broken end of love.

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