Thursday, February 12, 2009

listen closely: that's the sound of exorcised demons.

Come on by, the door’s unlocked and the lights are on
I’ll hurry and try to pick up the shit from off my brown and dying lawn
I’ll make sure that the place is at least a little clean
And you can stay and maybe by morning I’ll understand what it is they mean
when they say “hopeless”

Make it a date, I’ll be up late, I’ll do my best to satiate
Your passions, needs, and greater greeds so long as I suffice
I’ve been beaten up and broken down and dragged across this whole damn town
And I just thought that a love might be nice, but it’s feeling like it might
be hopeless

Sometime tonight, just hold my hand and catch my eyes
And maybe later we can do our best to hold on to the surprise
There’ll surely be a point at which you’ll wish I was someone else
I can’t say I blame you, as I often wish that myself
but it’s hopeless

I put my whole life on hold on account of all the lies she told
I’m only twenty four but I feel so damn old and I don’t remember any of my dreams
If I only had a single thought that I wish I had somehow forgotten
I’d think of all the things I’m not but it’s more difficult than it seems
maybe it’s hopeless

Cheap whiskey tastes the same no matter where you drink it
A thought of her is just as troubling no matter where I think it
It’s like a mosquito sucked all my libido and left me out in the hot sun to dry
Don’t be fooled if you see what you think might be regret behind my eyes
Because that's all hopeless

Try as I might I’ll sleep alone tonight
and I’ll wake up like I always do
I’ll give take a shot from the glass I bought
and focus on what’s true

I haven’t been so deft since she up and left
and I can’t bring myself to try it
It’s too damn bad and it’s just so sad
that this house has been so quiet since she left

Because she said I was hopeless.

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