Tuesday, January 13, 2009

first few paragraphs of a story:

Warren had been married for four years to Chloe, a good woman that loved him very much and whom he cherished and worked very hard to make happy, although only minimal effort was necessary, her disposition being as pleasant as it was. Two years into their marriage, Chloe gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Rose.

After they discovered that Chloe was pregnant, they began to pore over baby books, websites, casts on broken bones, and anything else they could think of. When Warren suggested the name, he told Chloe that it was a reference to a Johnny Cash song. In point of fact, Rose was named for the only woman that Warren had ever loved. Warren had no intention of ever sharing the actual reference.

A few days before her second birthday, Rose gargled her first word, which was, fittingly, "Rose." This created a very odd feeling in Warren and instilled a vague paranoia, as if his toddler daughter had somehow discovered the true origins of her moniker. He spent the next several days brainstorming nicknames, but couldn't think of a one.

He began to intensely regret his suggestion.


Claire Valene Bagley said...

This would be a book that I would read and like.

Come on.

Write this.

Lachelleandmanasseh said...

Coincidental that Warren is Manasseh's first name?