Friday, September 26, 2008

Brief updates:

1. David Foster Wallace: still dead. Andy: still more sad than he really expected to be.

2. Saw Nick Cave in the good ol' SF last week. My prediction of two-time pants-shitting did not prove true, as I passed two and went straight to four-time. He even played "Let Love In." He never plays "Let Love In." But he did. For me.

3. Moved into my new place tonight. Superfast internet and cool roommates, although I'll miss Slade already. The smell of second-hand marijuana is a greater advantage than I imagined it would be.

4. Gonna go see the new Neil LaBute movie tonight. I don't care how awful The Wicker Man was doomed from the start and at least it's interesting.

5. I'm listening to the new Kings of Leon album. I needed this.

6. My band, newly christened The Fold, is playing on Friday, Oct. 3. Y'all should come. Corey'll be there.

7. I'm getting tired of my constant awakening of passions and self-actualization in others who subsequently bail on me when they finally realize that they're worth being loved. I'm sick of helping people realize how wonderful they are and then being left when they realize--well, how wonderful they are. I'm frustrated that I keep putting in the work and then getting kicked off the farm before the harvest. Bad metaphor, but I'll stick with it, if for no other reason than the plentiful sexual euphemism(see Spinal Tap's immortal Sex Farm for more. But seriously, it's getting to the point where I just don't even want to bother anymore.

That is all.

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